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  • The "Green" Room

    By Clay Hankins // Aug 15, 2009

    Earlier this year, I wrote a blog in which I laid out some goals for The Audio Guy for this year and one of those goals was to develop an area on our website dedicated to environmentally friendly, or "green", products and services. I have been watching manufacturers develop more and more green products this year and am sure that we will see more roll out next month at the CEDIA show. So this seemed...

  • A look into the future.

    By Clay Hankins // Jan 14, 2009

    We can probably all agree that 2008 was full of challenges and that 2009 will probably bring a lot more. So, with that in mind, I'd like to let you know what we have in store to help you answer the challenges that lay ahead. With the tough economic conditions that we are in right now, businesses will compete even more fiercely for your hard earned dollars. With the competition for consumers' discretionary...

  • How custom audio video retailers pick the manufacturers they represent.

    By Clay Hankins // Sep 24, 2008

    By Clay Hankins We often get asked if we have a preference on the products we recommend. Well, the short answer to that is no. If we represent a product, we already like it. However, unlike traditional retail stores that can only carry so many brands, custom home theater stores can offer a larger variety of products to choose from. Generally, we try to recommend the right equipment for a specific...

  • If I want to hire a custom home theater expert, what should my expectations be? - (Part 1)

    By Clay Hankins // Oct 01, 2008

    You’ve decided to take the plunge and call your local custom home theater expert because it’s time to change that spare room into your new media room. Today I’m going to write about the process that should take place, and what you should expect through the bidding process. Here is basically how the process should work. During the initial phone conversation, your home theater guru...

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