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Are you ready for some football?

By Clay Hankins

Here is the Dallas area, I can't say, well, just yet anyway, that "cooler temperatures are in the air." But I hope they will be soon! The onset of fall with the theoretical cooler temperatures brings the excitement of a new season of football! 

Whether you are ready to root for your alma mater or your favorite NFL team, putting in a new theater or big screen TV with surround sound is a great way to kick the season off!

Technology continues to improve to such a point that not only do the sharp and vivid images give you the sense of being right there on the sideline; the surround sound brings the sounds of the game like the roar of the crowd or the crack of the hit right there to your room! Just have your significant other poor a beer down your back or drop a hotdog in your lap to add that extra sense of realism and you have the closest experience to "being there" as you can!

Check out any of our theater packages of give us a call for a in home consultation and we can bring the game to you!

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