Experience your home in a fresh and exciting way with

Home Automation


Set the mood for any occasion by adjusting to the perfect lighting. The simple controls make tailoring your household environment totally seamless and easy.

Climate Control

Get cozy in your home with our automated climate control system.
Set the temperature from any room with a simple button on your phone or tablet.
Curb those energy bills while also being eco-friendly with ease and affordability.

Whole House Audio & Video

Flood your home with incredible music any time you want with a press of a button.
Get that morning routine vamped with a feel good track or
set the mood for a romantic evening with the classics.
Make your home truly yours.


Keep a vigilant eye on your home with state of the art cameras and security system.
Rest well knowing that your home and loved ones are safe with endless abilities to keep your house secure.

Get Your House Fully Automated

From easing your mind with incredible surveillance to making your home as comfortable as possible with countless features, The Audio Guy is ready to automate your home with ease. Let’s start making your home experience the best it can be right now.
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