Interior Design and Home Theater

Luxury homes and audio video do not have to be mutually exclusive. There, I said it. One of the greatest obstacles in the path to a beautiful home ANDmodern technology is closed mindedness. Audio/Video integrators can work handin hand with interior designers so that the end user/home owner can have both abeautifully designed home and the latest technology. Fortunately, manufacturersof a/v equipment are spending a great amount of energy designing products thatseamlessly integrate into décor without drawing attention to themselves. Some,like art frames for flat panel TV’s are even covering up technology when it isnot in use!

There are products that completely disappear into the environment.For example, some manufacturers make speakers that can be textured and paintedover. Imagine how happy a home owner would be with a beautifully faux finishedwall or ceiling that didn’t have to include an ugly speaker grill! There arealso speakers that can be covered with art fabric to look like a paintinginstead of a speaker. Whole home automation products can be incorporated tocontrol lighting scenes that interior designers can use to accent the areasthey want to stand out. Not only does this give the homeowner control of thelighting and moods, it can be used to control electricity costs as well byproviding remote access to the smart systems of the home.

So, all you interior designers – take heart! There are product that will enhance the lives of your clients without destroying the vision of your project. Give us a call so we can help direct you to those products.

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